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Membership Committee

  • Membership recruitment and retention
  • Organize, coordinate, and conduct a continuing program for unified membership enrollment;
  • inform members of the policies, programs, services at all levels;
  • provide a contact in connection with dues, problems, or questions concerning membership status of
  • Develop and conduct programs for the orientation of new teachers to the community, the school system, and the
  • Publicize TEA and NEA Member Benefits programs

Instruction and Professional Development  (IPD)

Plans and coordinates programs for general membership meetings of the Association. Works in formulating and promoting activities relating to improved instruction and professional development.


Human Relations/Social Justice/Minority Affairs Committee

Prepares and submit plans and programs which will encourage all minorities to participate in the mainstream of the Association and professional affairs, which will provide training in order that minorities will be able to function efficiently in appointed and elected leadership roles, and which will assure that members of minorities are represented in all areas of Association work and at all levels of Association governance; be responsible for providing workshops and conferences in specific areas of concern to minority members as directed by the Board of Directors and the Representative Assembly.

Develop positive programs and activities and utilize the talents and abilities of the membership to promote an atmosphere of cooperative understanding of the dignity and worth of each individual and to improve human relationships for all.

Public Relations Committee

Develops public understanding of the purposes and programs of the Association, the values and importance of education, and, in cooperation with the administration the educational philosophy and programs of the schools. Develops procedures by which the Association can work cooperatively with parents and the public in civic, fraternal, and social organizations, and through all available channels of communications. Seeks to provide for effective internal and external communications programs, including messaging and branding activities. Organizes and oversees the following areas of work:

  • News Media
  • Newsletter
  • American Education Week
  • School Bell Awards
  • Teacher Day
  • Distinguished Classroom Teacher
  • Friend of Education
  • Space Week
  • Staff Development
  • Liaison with other community groups

Buildings and Grounds Committee

Looks over the maintenance and operation of our building and makes sure the facility and its grounds are a great place. Makes recommendations to the President for Board approval regarding Building and Grounds needs.


The Status of Women in Education Committee

Conducts studies of women in educational administrative, supervisory, and Association positions and publish research findings. Coordinate, supervise and evaluate training programs for women’s leadership development. Reviews affirmative action programs and increases awareness of attitudes, stereotypes, sex biases, and role discrimination in education. Works cooperatively with other groups.


Election Committee

Reports all nominations to the Representative Assembly at the January meeting. Publish brief information on each candidate to the membership. Responsible for the preparation and distribution of the ballots. Oversees the preparation of lists and ballots with witnesses to certify that the correct number has been provided.

Submit detailed procedures of the total elections process to the Board of Directors for approval. Print and distribute the approved procedures to the membership at least two weeks in advance of the election. The Elections Committee shall report results to the president who shall cause them to be announced immediately.

The Committee on Legislation

Have broad concern for local, state, and national legislation affecting the interests of the Association and for exercise of civic responsibilities by members about newly enacted legislation. The committee shall seek to coordinate its activities with those appropriate for the Children’s Fund for Public Education committee. It shall organize and monitor the following activities:

Citizenship: Educate members and the public to the civic responsibilities of teachers, promote voter registration of all teachers, and develop programs that will encourage wide exercise of those rights and responsibilities.

Local legislation: Seek to influence local legislation to the advantage of education; keep aware of all aspects of the local county and/or city budgets, bonding programs and referenda; and establish and maintain liaison status with local magistrates and/or city council persons.

State legislation: Study legislation and promote activities leading to the passage of desirable state legislation for education.

Federal legislation: Study legislation before the Congress and develop and/or promote activities leading to the passage of desirable federal legislation for education.