Why Should You Join HCEA?

Decisions about public education, about public schools and policies that impact teachers and students are being made by people who do not understand education, by people who were NEVER educators.  Our organization has the power of our collective voices to effect meaningful change.  We want teachers to have the autonomy to do their job.

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Membership more than pays for itself with exclusive member discounts.

From discounts on family vacations to your sweet tea at Sonic, exclusive member discounts easily offset the cost of association membership.  Don’t miss out on auto and life insurance, and even movie ticket.

Members have access to high-quality professional development trainings.

Through our relationship with TEA we are one of the largest providers of professional development trainings in the state.  Members have access to a variety of trainings to earn professional development points throughout the school year.

Members advocate for our students and our profession.

Elected officials from the state legislature to your local school board are setting policy that affects your students and your classroom.  HCEA collaborates with TEA members statewide to form the largest and strongest voice advocating for our public schools.

Membership gives access to TEA’s expert legal team to protects members’ professional rights.

Members have access to the best team of education law experts in the state.  TEA also provides liability coverage to members.  DOn’t get caught with only the state-fund liability plan.  You need a partner protecting YOUR best interest.

Members are supported by local and state staff as well as tens of thousands of educators statewide.

Being an educator is tough.  A strong support system can make all the difference in your career.  As a member of HCEA you will have a TEA UniServe coordinator who works in our district and a network of thousands of educators to learn from and to lean on whenever you need someone.


Not a member of the Association? For more reasons than you have fingers, membership in the Association is beneficial to every certified and classified employee in Hamilton County Schools
Personally speaking, I became a member of the Association in 1976 and have been a member ever since. I am a professional educator just as my doctor is a professional medical practitioner. My doctor is a member of the American Medical Society, and I am a member of Hamilton County Education Association and the state and national affiliates.

Representation: What I like most about membership in the Association is that its leaders represent me and voice my concerns when I am teaching my students, evaluating their work, and engaging in parent conferences.
Had the voice of TEA political activist Jim Wrye not been heard in the state legislature, the salary scale that includes raises for longevity and advanced degrees would no longer be in place. Instead, a pay scale with 12 steps would determine my salary—with step increases ending after 12 years of experience. The Association had my best professional and personal interests in mind when it said “No!” to Kevin Huffman and “No!” to the State School Board, both of whom authorized the legislature to change the salary schedule for educators in Tennessee. Thank goodness for the Association representing me when I was not available to represent myself.

My Memorandum of Understanding: The Association is the only authorized organization that is engaged in Collaborative Conferencing, which, when completed, will result in a written legally binding contact between educators and Hamilton County Department of Education. Seven teachers represent me at the table and voice my concerns about salary, insurance, working conditions, leave, grievance, fringe benefits, and payroll deduction. Without the work of these seven teachers, I would have no voice at the table.

Legal Assistance: Members of the Association have free access to a team of attorneys who represent educators in legal matters in local, state, and federal courts. If you ever find yourself involved in a legal matter, TEA attorneys are only a phone call away. Gary Wilkes, orchestra teacher at CSAS, can document how having access to free legal assistance enabled him to prove his innocence in a lawsuit filed against him when he was teaching at Red Bank High School.

Lobbying: HCEA is the only professional educational organization in Hamilton County who represents and speaks on your behalf at meetings of the school board, county commissioners, the Republican and Democratic caucus, and candidate forums.

Liability Insurance: Every member is provided a $1 million-dollar liability insurance policy at the moment he/she signs the membership form.

A plethora of other reasons can be enumerated that document why membership in the Association is vital for every professional employee in the school district. Among these are access to free workshops and professional development, networking with teachers across the state, advocacy training, opportunities to meet with legislators during Civication, attendance at state and national Representative Assemblies, and discounts on insurance, auto purchases, travel, hotels, car rental, admission to Walt Disney World, etc. By simply taking advantage of discounts and benefits given to every member, the membership dues will pay for themselves.

More information about member benefits is available at http://www.teateachers.org.