Information for Members

Memorandum of Understanding  –

HCEA Membership 18-19 webform

It’s Better to Be Safe Than Sorry! Don’t Take Chances. Notify your Building Representative(s) and the HCEA office immediately!
If you suspect or feel uncomfortable about a work situation, discussion with a co-worker or supervisor or an interaction with a student, Notify your Building Representative(s) immediately!
—-DO NOT: Sign or agree to anything.
-DO NOT: Make or write any statements.
There is no such thing as an “unofficial” or “informal” conversation or meeting with your superiors.

REMEMBER: Prior to answering questions or making a statement to an administrator, law enforcement, DCF or HCDE investigator

ASKWhat is the purpose of the meeting? What are the possible consequences of this meeting or discussion?

STATE“I am willing to cooperate with the investigation; however, I am requesting that the investigation be rescheduled at a time when I can have a representative of my choice present.”

Be polite but remain silent.

Contact your building rep, union president or the HCEA office: 423-485-9535